Winter skin special-The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask and Gentle Facial Wash Review


Hello everyone,


Today I am reviewing two skincare products from The Body Shop Vitamin E range; the sleep in moisture mask and gentle facial wash. This range from The Body Shop has been around for a while so when I went in store a couple of months ago I decided to give this range a try after hearing good things about it. Its that time of year when all the changeable weather and central heating is playing havoc with my skin so I thought it would be a good time to do a winter skincare post to review and talk about some of the products I have been using lately.


The Body Shop Vitamin E sleep in moisture mask

To kick us off we have The Body Shop Vitamin E sleep in moisture mask. Before using this product I had never tried a sleep in mask but I liked the idea of applying a mask before bed, letting it do its work whilst I was sleeping and waking up to behold fabulous results. The consistency of this mask is like a gel, rather than a cream. Its very lightweight, yet feels moisturising on the skin. It claims to ‘infuse optimum moisture levels into the skin with intense hydration’ and give skin ‘an intense moisture boost’. It has a lovely fresh, delicate scent and feels moisturising and gentle on the skin. I have been applying a generous layer to my face and neck once or twice a week before bed. When I wake up the mask has been absorbed and my skin has been feeling more moisturised and less tight and dry. What I like about this mask is that it helps hydrate the skin, it feels gentle and soothing and it can be applied before bed and then left on to do its work. This product is priced at £10 for 100ml pot from The Body Shop. I have used this about 6 times and still have lots of product left in the pot so I think it is good value for money.









The Body Shop Vitamin E gentle facial wash

Next we have the Vitamin E gentle facial wash. I have been using this product pretty much every day for the last 6 weeks and really like it. Its great for your winter skincare regime because it cleanses the skin but feels gentle and soothing. My skin can get very dry in the winter months so I do have to change some of my usual skin care products and my facial wash is one of them. Just like the mask it has a lovely, delicate fragrance and has a light texture. It is described as ‘a gentle, non drying cleansing facial wash that leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed’. I apply a small amount in my hand, about a 5 pence piece size, work into my face and neck and rinse in the shower. The wash doesn’t lather up like some facial wash, it feels like you are applying a gentle moisturiser. I then apply my Mabel and Meg serum and Nivea moisturiser or if my skin is feeling particularly dry I apply the Vitamin E mask.


This product is priced at £7 for a 125ml tube from The Body Shop. This is slightly more than I would usually spend on a facial wash, however I think for use over the winter months I would probably only use one tube and that would last me around 4 months. I cant say I have noticed a vast difference in my skin from using this facial wash, however what I like about it is that it feels gentle, soothing and moisturising and doesn’t dry out my skin. I will continue using both products and would purchase the sleep in mask again because I think it helps moisturise my skin, I like the texture and fragrance and think its good value for money.







Thank you for reading,

Omie x



Mabel and Meg Lumilixir serum review

I have been wanting to try this serum for a while now, so with my wedding getting ever so close (4 weeks today!!!) I thought this would be a good time to try this product out. I am generally pretty happy with my skin care regime, although my complexion often looks a bit dull and  I suffer from breakouts leaving an aftermath of red or dry areas where I’ve had spots. My breakouts tend to be when I’m stressed, hormonal, eat badly or just generally run down, the usual bad skin culprits. I try my best to do all the right things like eat well (most of the time), drink more water (a work in progress) and reduce my stress levels but despite my best efforts I still get breakouts. This is an area I would like to improve regarding my skin and also help it to look a bit brighter.

I purchased this serum when I was having a particularly bad skin breakout  and was drawn to it because it claims it can reduce the appearance of blemishes. I am often left with slight discolouration on my skin in areas after a breakout and although its pretty easy to cover with concealer or a thicker foundation any product that can help minimise the aftermath of a breakout and improve my skin is beneficial in my opinion.

mabel and megMable and Meg’s lumilixir is becoming a bit of a cult product, it has a pretty hefty fan base on social media (Instagram I’m looking at you!) and all the reviews I’ve read on it have been positive. I like to try out all products I use before I decide if I’m going to continue with using them and if they are worth what I am paying for them, I want to make sure what I’m using is an effective product. If I’m thinking of using anything in my professional skincare/make-up kit I always try it out before it can be given a home in there and used on my clients.

Mabel and Meg is a skincare company, their lumilixir is paraben free and they do not test on aniamls. They claim that the lumilixir gives you great skin and it does this by increasing the levels of hydration within the skin. It claims to be perfect for all skin tones and types, including sensitive skin.



The key ingredients are Vitamin C and Hylaurolic Acid which work together to give you:

  • brighter skin
  • increase hydration
  • fewer blemishes
  • reduced hyperpigmentation


The benefits of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid


I have been using two small drops of this serum twice a day (morning and night) for 2 weeks now and I have to say I am really impressed! I started using it when my skin was breaking out and I had quite a few sore spots which have now cleared up. I’m not sure if the serum has played a part in that but I do think it has helped speed up the process and reduced the red patch where the spot has been. I apply it after cleansing my skin and then apply my normal serum and moisturiser mix (I am currently using the Aldi Lacura serum mixed with a small amount of Nivea soft). The consistency isn’t like a serum, its water like, clear and doesn’t have any scent. A couple of small drops goes a long way. I like the little glass bottle it comes in and the pipette so you can dispense exactly the amount you want. It soaks in to my skin really quickly and is non greasy.

My skin looks brighter and feels more supple and hydrated. What I have liked most about this product is that it has helped reduce the redness often left by spots giving a more even tone to the appearance of my skin. It comes in a 20ml and a 30ml bottle option, I purchased the 30ml bottle which is priced at £39 (the 20ml is £29) with the postage and vat the total was £42, it is worth the money in my opinion. I’m pleased with how my skin is looking from using it and I will continue using it in my skin care regime. If you want to add a little something special to your current skincare regime I would recommend trying this out, it delivers on so many areas so rather than having several products to combat different things this serum is a good all rounder.


Hope you have enjoyed reading,


Omie x x x









St Tropez gradual tan in shower review

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all been enjoying the warm weather this week!

This weekends review is on a product I didn’t think I would ever try. It isn’t that I don’t like self-tanning products, I just have never really used them on myself. I have brown hair but pale skin and have always embraced my paleness but I do feel I look better with a little bit of a tan, you know from a weekend on the beach or even the garden.  When I go in the sun I always wear a high factor sun cream as I’m conscious of my skins health so I usually wear a factor 30 or 50, I still tan though! You may be surprised but I have never had a fake tan before, a spray tan and have only been on a sun bed once in my 29 years for all of 3 minutes! So, it is safe to say I am very much in unknown territory when it comes to self-tanning products.

St. Tropez is a cult brand, with beauty icons such as Kate Moss heading up their campaigns. I thought I would be in safe hands with such a well known brand to ease me into self-tanning territory. Leading up to the wedding, I have been compelled to try new things in the hope that it will help me feel my best on the day. I know beauty comes from within and self confidence plays a big part but a little help (from anywhere) never goes a miss.

I stumbled upon this product whilst shopping in Boots, I was drawn to the fact that it said ‘in shower’ (tanning whilst showering equals excellent multitasking opportunities) and it said it only requires 3 minutes to leave on. No tanning mit required either! It was also on offer so even more reason to buy and try.


st tropez tan










I purchased the lightest shade in ‘golden glow light’ which I thought would ease me out of paleness and into the realms of sun kissed skin. I remembered reading somewhere that the key to a good self-tan is to ensure the skin is exfoliated so whilst in Boots I also purchased a sugar scrub from Soap and Glory to help prep my skin first. After exfoliating my skin the day before I applied the self-tanning lotion whilst in the shower.


I was pleasantly surprised that the lotion had a nice, delicate scent. I was slightly fearful that it would smell like some other fake tanning products which I know people describe as ‘biscuit’ like but it didn’t smell like this at all.  The lotion contains sweet almond oil so it is also moisturising. I followed the instructions and applied the lotion to damp skin, in a circular motion to ensure all areas were covered. After leaving on for 3 mins (and having to jig around in the shower to keep warm) I washed the lotion off with warm water and gently dried my skin.


I didn’t notice a difference straight away but this product is a gradual tan rather than an instant tanning product. The following day my skin had a slight sun kissed glow, which I liked as it was subtle but just enough to notice a difference. The biscuit scent that I feared previously did appear the day after but only for a short time, I couldn’t smell it after a few hours and it wasn’t very strong. This would be my only criticism of the product over all, I liked how easy and quick it was to apply and the fact that it isn’t messy and doesn’t require a tanning mit to apply. You can build up the colour gradually and I did reapply the lotion a couple of days after for slightly more colour.

This product is excellent value for money, its good quality and delivers on what it claims. I will be using this again, especially leading up to the wedding. The lighter shade is definitely for tanning novices like myself or for pale skinned people that just want a subtle sun kissed glow.

Perfect for before a holiday or special occasion like a wedding or party.


Thank you for reading,

Omie x


Lacura Expert Beautifying Serum review

Hello everyone,

Following on from my last post I wanted to review another skincare product and thought this one was too good not to share with you all! With only 8 weeks left until my own wedding I am trying to get my skincare routine in top shape and have been trying out various products, this being the one I have been the most impressed with.

I stumbled across this product whilst staying at my parents a couple of months back and finding it in their bathroom. The next step was obviously for me to try it! When I was next in Aldi (love Aldi!) doing my weekly shop I thought lets give this a go and with a price tag of £3.99 it wasn’t going to be the end of the world if it didn’t suit my skin or wasn’t that great.

As I said this product is £3.99 and what you get for that £3.99 is impressive. The 30ml bottle itself is glass and comes with a handy little pipet dispenser so you can pump how many drops of the serum you want to use into your hand, no mess and no wastage. The red and silver packaging combined with the glass bottle gives the impression of a more expensive product (clever Lacura!).


Aldi lacura serumOn the packaging it states ‘over time your skin loses its tone, elasticity and suppleness. If it gets drier the complexion becomes dull’. This is very true and although I wouldn’t describe my skin type as being dry I do know it is often dehydrated. The serum contains ‘exclusive blue-green micro algae and kudzu extract’- doesn’t sound very beautifying but algae is meant to be very beneficial for our skin, to help combat signs of ageing and help repair cell damage. Lots of high end skincare brands such as La Prairie and Ole Henriksen use extracts of algae in their products so Lacura have really produced something that is both affordable and competitive.





The serum claims to:

  • protect the skin and aid skin harmonisation
  • revitalise the skin and is proven to reduce wrinkles
  • moisturises the skin
  • improves the skin suppleness
  • proven to tighten skin

It claims to leave the skin noticeably softer, smoother and fresher.

I have been using this serum now for about 7 weeks and I’m almost out! I apply mine twice a day, morning and evening, after cleansing and before moisturising. It can also be mixed in with your normal moisturiser. I have noticed an improvement in my skin, it looks fresher and feels better. The main difference I have noticed is that it looks and feels smoother and my make-up applies better in my opinion. I think of it as an extra drink for my skin and will definitely continue using it.

With a price tag of £3.99 I must say I have been very impressed! As its an anti-ageing product it is probably best suited to people aged late 20’s- onwards. Infact there is a little recommended age group line on the packaging which gives you some guidance. For optimum results it also states to use in conjunction with other products in the Lacura anti-ageing range, I will definenelty be checking out some of their other skincare products as this one is so good!

So next time you pop into Aldi check out their skincare range, you wont be disappointed.


Thank you for reading,

Omie x x x





The Body Shop Drops of Light product Review

The Body Shop say they want women to feel good in their own skin, which is why they created their ‘Drops of Light’ range. I think everyone wants beautiful skin and to feel great in it!

I decided to purchase the ‘Pure Translucency Essence Lotion’ from the range and was intrigued to try it out. The packaging is lovely so thought I should mention it. Contemporary and simple.













The product is described as ‘a refreshing gel-to-water essence lotion that quickly penetrates into skin to deliver light hydration’. I would say that is pretty accurate, it isn’t a proper gel consistency, more like a diluted gel, very light and has a delicate frangrance. It claims to even out skintone and enhance brightness. I haven’t used it for long enough to comment on that but what I can say is that, in my opinion, it felt really refreshing and cooling on my skin and added some hydration to the skin. I still needed to apply my face cream afterwards so this doesn’t give enough hydration to skip moisturiser but it felt more hydrated than before applying it.














It is also meant to help prepare the skin for better efficiency of products that follow, which in my case is a cream and serum mixture, primer and then a light foundation. Anything that adds hydration to the skin and helps smooth the surface is going to help with the application and staying power of products applied afterwards.

I really like this product, it feels light and refreshing on my skin and if it does live up to some of the claims long term then I will definitely keep using it!


Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence Lotion is priced at £14 and can be purchased from The Body Shop.






New Boots No7 Skin Illuminator review


Hope you are all having a good week so far! Although the sun is shining it has been very cold here in the Midlands. Summer- hurry up please!

Right so I recently picked up the new Boots No 7 Skin Illuminator whilst browsing in Boots. I don’t think I ever come out of Boots empty handed! I have quite a few Boots No7 products and also like their skincare! I think over the last few years the brand has really upped its game to keep up with its competitors. I always smile when their advert comes on the TV, the one with the Jessie J song.

This new skin illuminator immediately caught my eye because I like anything that claims to illuminate the skin! At first I wasn’t sure if I should purchase it but after trying a small sample on the back of my hand I knew it was worth buying and I am so glad I did!










Most illuminating products have some sort of light reflecting particles in them which make the light bounce back off them creating a luminous look. Some products can look almost glittery on the skin and personally I don’t like this effect. However this product contains ‘multi-faceted light reflectors’ which claim to enhance the complexion naturally. This product can be used as a primer before applying your foundation or tinted moisturiser, it can also be mixed in with your foundation or applied over your base to the high points on the face to highlight your features. The texture is lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky like some cream products can.

The shade is called ‘nude’ and comes in a 30ml tube, a little goes a long way. It is priced at £12.50 which I think is very reasonable for a multi-use product. This skin illuminator gets a thumbs up from me! Well done Boots No7!









If there are any particular products you would like to see reviews on please comment below. Please remember that these are only my personal opinions and I am in no way connected to the brands I review.

Omie x x x



Favourite skin care products


I haven’t written a post for a while and am making it my new commitment to write more posts, reviews and tips based on what people would like to read about. Please leave a comment at the bottom to tell me about beauty products you would like to know more about, make-up trends or any techniques or tips you would like.

Today I am starting off with talking about a few of my favourite skincare products, some I have been using for a long time and others are new that I have recently tried out. Most of these products I use in my professional kit and always get good feedback from clients. Good skin care is really important and is a must if you want your make-up to look flawless all day.  I hope you enjoy reading this post, let me know what you think

Omie x x x


  1. Nivea Soft moisturising cream– this can be used on the face, hands and body and is a good all rounder. It is effective and good value for money. I was introduced to this cream by another make-up artist and know a lot of other make-up artists use it in their kit as well. This cream is lightweight and has a lovely refreshing scent. It contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.








2. Clinique dramatically different moisturiser– I use this moisturiser in my kit a lot, especially on clients who have dryer skin. It helps to lock moisture into the skin and leaves it looking hydrated and smooth. It is suitable for all skins types and you don’t need to use a huge amount of product. Another good all rounder.










3. Superdrug’s Vitamin E Oil- I love this stuff! When my skin is feeling dehydrated and tight (usually throughout the winter months) I mix a couple of drops of this oil in with my daily moisturiser and leave it to soak into my skin. I usually do this before bed and wake up with beautifully soft skin. Vitamin E promotes collagen production and can help reduce the appearance of scars and age spots. If you have sensitive skin please use with caution as some people can be sensitive to Vitamin E oil.










4. Boots Botanics 100% organic Rose Water toning spritz- This product was recommended to me by a very well known make-up artist. I love rose water and decided to buy a bottle to try out! Safe to say I love it! I have been using it after cleansing to freshen up my skin, to take off any last traces of make-up and between applying layers of make-up. Its a great product, excellent value for money and it can be used for multiple things. After using this spray my skin feels soft and smooth and the delicate scent of the rose water is divine! I shall be purchasing another bottle to use in my kit, a big thumbs up from me!









5. Avene Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion– This is my go to moisturiser for oily skin. It has a lightweight texture and leaves a mattifying effect on the skin. If I am doing make-up on a client who has combination skin I sometimes use this cream on the oily areas, such as the t-zone, nose and chin. Don’t be afraid to mix creams with serums to suit different types of skin on the face.